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The Corporate Collection from UNDER ARMOUR

UNDER ARMOUR is a top name in performance apparel.  It is now selectively offered as corporate wear from Embroidery Works.  Purchase Under Armour with Embroidery from Embroidery Works LogoThere is not an off-season in business.  Your image matters to your customers and prospects.  That's why UNDER ARMOUR, the top name in performance wear, brings it's innovative technology to pair with your logo and offer your team style and comfort for any work setting.  Your corporate logo will be teamed with one of the most recognized logos in the apparel industry.
You can pair your logo with UNDER ARMOUR polos, button down dress shirts, outerwear, quarter-zips, fleece and t-shirts, many for both men and women.  Additionally complement your apparel with quality hats and bags, all with the UNDER ARMOUR logo prominently displayed.
Because of the exclusivity of UNDER ARMOUR, there are some restrictions on providing companies with this top brand.  A minimum of 10 UNDER ARMOUR items are required to place an order.  UNDER ARMOUR has also placed the following restrictions on us that we cannot decorate items for collegiate and high school sports teams, golf courses or golf clubs and any organizations related to alcohol, tobacco or pornography.  Well, that leaves a lot of businesses that can add the UNDER ARMOUR logoed items to their corporate apparel.  So take a moment right now and see the many offerings from the UNDER ARMOUR catalog.  Let us know which items you would like and we can get yours going.


Embroidery of Orange Buick GMC logoAlong with UNDER ARMOUR, Embroidery Works offers a number of other easily recognized brands for your business apparel needs with your company logo embroidered on them.  Just a few of the names include NIKE GOLF, COLUMBIA, OGIO, ADIDAS, DICKIES and more.  Many of the name brand solutions come in both men's and ladies, with some available in size Tall for the men.  Click on the brand names above to visit the associated catalog for that brand.  While looking through the catalogs, identify which items will work for your organization.  Then send us your item number, color(s), sizes and quantities and let us help you achieve the look you are desiring.


Are You Ready To Order Embroidery for your BusinessOur team at Embroidery Works embroiders 1000's of caps each year.  Most of them are brands that you recognize and see on a daily basis such as FLEXFIT, NEW ERA, PACIFIC HEADWEAR and NIKE.  3D Embroidery on Flexfit CapA number of our clients have logos and images that are perfect for our 3D embroidery on their caps.  This is an option you have depending on the logo you are putting on the cap. If you have a clean simple logo, 3D embroidery can help it stand out.  Also, you may want to try a portion of your image or logo to receive 3D embroidery, while the rest uses standard embroidery.

Caps are great because you can put the logo in the front in the center, or the left or right panel of the front, or either side and even the back.  Not all caps will work for all those positions.  If you have a special need in mind, send us your logo and then give us a call to discuss your particular need.  Take a minute now and check out some of the many hat choices that will work for your employees or for your clients as giveaways.  Don't forget to check out the UNDER ARMOUR catalog also for some great cap choices.


Our outerwear will always keep you out of the elements and keep you looking great at the same time.  From fleece to 1/4 zips, to lightweight jackets to "brace yourself for the cold" jackets, we have them all.  With professional names such as UNDER ARMOUR, COLUMBIA, NIKEGOLF, MARMOT , EDDIE BAUER and NORTH END, quality outerwear with your logo will give you that professional look you desire.

When it comes to embroidering jackets and coats, we can get it done right for you.  Whether you need your business logo on the front left chest or you would like us to add a special event logo to the back, we are set up to make sure it gets done for you right and on time.  So take a look at the choices above and send us your request with the appropriate items, colors, sizes and quantities you desire.

Embroidery Process

Are You Ready To Order Button.jpgThe embroidery process is like none other.  When people see it in action, they are usually left in awe.  The process begins with a simple art file.  A .jpg of your logo will work in almost all cases.  We take your .jpg and have it transformed into a digitized file using special embroidery software.  In simple terms, digitizing tells the embroidery program where to put a stitch, what kind if stitch and how big a stitch to make.
Once we have the digitized file, we load it into our embroidery machines' computer. We then tell the computer what needles to use to sew the logo onto the garments.  In doing so, we load the appropriate thread colors on the designated needles and perform a sewout.  This is actually a sample of what your logo will look like when put on your garment.  We then scan the image and send it your way for your approval.  Once approved, we put your job in the production queue.  After embroidering your logo on the garments, we then clean them up removing any stray thread.  Once we finish that, we are done.  Your garments are ready and we will notify you.  

Embroidery Guidelines

Cap with 3D Embroidery on left panelFor a typical left chest embroidery, the ideal design has a maximum dimension of 3.5" - 4.0".  There are exceptions when a design has one dimension that is several times larger than the other.   The size of many designs is dictated by the smallest text in the design.  We will size the logo appropriately based on our experience.
The smallest text we can embroider with any accuracy is about 0.25" (7mm) high.  We can make adjustments to our design to compensate for slight variations.  Typically, a single line for text can only include about 20 characters including spaces before it requires the text o be split into two lines.
The maximum height for a head wear or cap logo is 2.25" high (less for visors).  The width may be as wide as 5" depending on the cap.  Putting your design or logo on the right or left panel of the cap (as shown above) has become a very popular way to highlight your message.  Embroidery on the back of the cap may be included for an additional cost.  Following are a number of items we have had the privilege of embroidering and where you might consider placing your embroidery.
Embroidery Locations Apply Embroidery On
Left Chest Corporate Shirts
Right Chest Golf Shirts
Sleeves Towels/Robes
Front Collar Leather Headrests
Back Collar Hats/Visors
Back Yoke Blankets/Throws
Shirt/Jacket Back Boat & Car Vinyl
Cap Front Hand/Tote Bags
Cap Side Computer/Shoe Bags
Cap Back Cooler/Lunch Bag



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