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Here at Embroidery Works and PhotographxUSA, we offer a number of in-house printed solutions for your business or event.  These include Retractable Banners, Contour Cut Decals and Stickers, regular hung Banners in lots and lots of sizes and Signs for both inside and outside.  When needed, we also can acquire larger items from reliable vendors who meet our quality standards on your behalf.  That helps make us your one stop shop.
Like the headline says above, you will find these to be of high quality, affordable, and in most cases, very quick turnaround.  Take a look at the solutions below which go into more detail and give us a call when ready.  You can also browse our Retractable and Vinyl Banners catalog for pricing and sizing.  We are here to help you succeed.


Use with Trade Show Display - Get them Next Day - Delivery Available

Retractable banners, also called rollups, are made out of vinyl that is a little stiffer to allow for the banners to be rolled up and unrolled without the wrinkles that normally come with folding a banner. They easily rollup inside the banner stand and can be easily transported via your car and even on an airplane. Being lightweight is just an added bonus.
Retractable-Banner-Display.jpgTo make sure your banner stays great trade show after trade show, we use a no curl banner material which prevents the edges from rolling under after time. Our retractable banners are printed in 4-color on gloss vinyl to project the easily read message. Also, if you need your banner designed by a team of professionals, we can help you with that as well.
We offer 2 banner stand bases to pick from for your 33"x78" retractable banners.  Both work real well.  We tested banner stands from 14 companies and determined that these two worked for us (and for you).  We have been using them for the past 3 years and they have held up really well.
The "good" version is the smaller of the two.  It has 2 legs that roatate from under the base to stabalize the banner print.  The "better" version is wider and has a more professional look.  Our "better" version comes with a padded bag and an adjustable pole.  The good news for you is that both are of high quality and we can change out the banner image if desired.
The 3rd banner stand we offer is for your tabletop.  These are great for Medical offices, tradeshow events and Point-of-purchase locations.  They are approximately 11"w x 16"h.  They go up easy, down easy and are easy to transport. 

They are great for:

  • Launching New Products 
  • Introducing Upcoming Events 
  • Grand Openings
  • Cross Selling 
  • Trade Shows 
  • Medical Enrollments 
  • Employee Events 
  • Company Foyers 
  • Group together for extra affect 

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Designed for Windows, Businesses and Events

Digitally printed graphic decals and stickers are cost effective, don't go out of style and are custom printed and custom cut. They are great when used for shipping, inventory, menu boards or marking products for easy re-ordering. We use them here at Embroidery Works on things that need to be easily identified. Not only is it a real time saver but they're easy to apply and look great!

Contour Cut DecalsYour graphic decals and stickers can be printed on materials that allow you to remove the decal and place it somewhere else if you choose to do so. You can put it on your car window, move it to your bedroom door and even on to your notebook or iPad. They can also be created to stick permanetly for use on such things as putting your logo on equipment you sell.
Pricing for Decals and stickers from print ready artwork is dependent on your quantity, total square footage, material, contour cutting and if you need application tape applied.  Minimum decal orders begin at $60.  The great news for those in a RUSH is that we can often do RUSH jobs either same day or next day.  If you need a job to RUSH production, send us your print ready artwork to info@embroideryorlando.com.  Then call us at 407-523-2899 so we can go over it with you and let you know if we can get it done on time for you.

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Vinyl banners, also sometimes called "Hanging Banners" are the most affordable way of conveying a message so people can see it. Hanging Banners are designed for either outdoor or indoor use, your banner is made of industry tough 13oz vinyl, with grommets every few feet. You can hang them from poles, buildings, across tables or between cars.

They are great for:BannerGranite.jpg
  • Birthday Parties
  • Soccer Leagues
  • Grand Openings
  • High School Football Stadiums
  • Anniversaries
  • Church Events
  • Band & Parade Events
  • ALL Team Events 
Unlike many cheap banners, yours can be printed in full color!  So, create or upload your own 4 color banner with your own message.  Depending on how elaborate you want your banner, if you need your banner designed by a team of professionals, we can help you with that as well.
Pricing for banners is dependent on quantity, banner size, single-sided/double-sided and number of days until you need it.  Many banners from print ready artwork can be RUSH produced to meet your needs.  We have done small banners such as 1' x 4', all the way up to 15' x 25'.  So, need a banner?  Send us your artwork to info@embroideryorlando.com.  The give us a call to discuss getting your banner ready for you on time.

Outdoor Mesh Banners

Wind Friendly Mesh is Great for Event, Sports and Birthday Banners

Mesh banners are made out of vinyl that has "holes" in it to allow the wind and breeze to blow right though it.  They are great in areas where you want to get your message but you don't want the wind to tear the banner apart.

Outdoor Mesh BannerMesh banners usually have about 50% of the vinyl material left to form the banner.  The message or print is still done the same way, but due to the "mesh" being only 50%, the message may not be as vibrant as a normal banner might be.
  Mesh banners tend to cost about 25% more than a regular banner.  They do tend to also hold up much better when attached to a fence or building outside.

They are great for:
  • Road Safety
  • Little League fences
  • High School Football Stadiums
  • Music Concerts 
  • Art Shows 
  • Directions for Events 
  • Band & Parade Events
  • Any Outdoor Team Events
So when you're ready to order your banner for your event or special occasion call at 407-523-2899.

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Indoor Mounted Signs

Indoor Mounted Sign on Gator Foam BoardWe print many custom size mounted signs for our client's various needs.  Each is printed in full color and then mounted on foam board or gator board, with the thickness determined by how the sign will be used.  Ultimately these indoor mounted signs are displayed using a tri-pod stand or even attached to a wall.
Pricing is determined by quantity, print size, foam board size and production timeframe.  Mounted signs can often be produced as a RUSH job from your print ready artwork depending on the foam board availability.  
Outdoor Mounted Signs
SidewalkSign.jpgWhen you need an outdoor mounted sign on either coroplast or aluminum, let us help you.  Outdoor signs may include signs as simple as an 18"x24" yard sign.  Let us know if you need your full color yard sign either single-sided or double-sided.
Additionally, you may need an outdoor sign attached to a piece of aluminum, such as for a parking sign or business sign to place on the outdoor wall at your office building.  When placing your print on the aluminum for outdoor usage, let us know if you want us to apply a clear covering over the print called laminate which will help the print last a little longer when outside.
We also have a high quality temporary sign called a sidewalk sign.  We offer 2 sizes, one for 18" x 24" corroplast signs and one bigger for 24" x 36" coroplast.  Both are designed for you to easily slip in the mounted sign so you can change the message as needed.  We use the larger one ourselves by placing it outside by the road so motorist can see what we offer by just driving by.  Each 24" x 36" has a different message on each side of the sign.  That gives us the opportunity to have 4 different messages on just 2 pieces of signage.  If it works for you, consider doing the same.
Pricing for sidewalk signs depends on quantity and which of the 2 sizes you want, either the 18" x 24" base or the 24" x 36" sidewalk sign base.  Then decide if you want single sided print or double sided print.  That's about it.  The 18" x 24" base plus 1 sided print on each panel begins at $145.  The 24" x 36" base plus 1 sided print on each panel begins at $175.
So, send us your artwork to info@embroideryorlando.com and then give us a call at 407-523-2899.  We would love to help you get a quality outdoor sign for your business or event.

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