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Quality Printing Options for White, Dark and Black T-shirts

Custom T-shirts are probably the number one item sold across the whole nation.  Walk into any store and you will see uniquely designed T-Shirts on the rack or wall.  Every tourist shop has them... worldwide.  So why not create your own for your business or event?

We also can provide quick quotes for Soft Press Printing, Sublimation Printing, Traditional or Discharge Screen Printing based on art that you already have ready for print.  Simply load our apparel catalog that has our Design Tool, choose the shirt(s) you are interested in using with your design, estimate the quantity of each size and color, and send us your request or Call us 407-523-2899.  So start designing your t-shirt now!

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We Screen Print Your Business, Event or School Design on White, Light and Dark Tees

5K T-shirts Screen Printed in OrlandoAre You Ready To Order Button.jpgScreen printing is a great solution when you require larger volumes of shirts or you only have 1-2 colors in your image.  Why?  Because screen printing requires a screen to be set up for each color in your image, thus the need for higher volumes. It is a form of printing using mesh screens coated in emulsion. An image is exposed onto the screen then washed out leaving the mesh clear where the image had been. A pool of ink is then pulled across the image on the mesh with a rubber bladed squeegee and the pressure forces the ink through the mesh and onto the substrate, producing the printed image. Versatility is the major advantage in screen printing - as long as a surface is flat (and it won't melt in a heater) it can be printed.  Use our new online designer and get your screen printed shirts in 5-7 days.  Get started now.

Pricing is based on several factors:

  • Quantity of shirts/garments/item
  • Type of garment i.e.: t-shirt, sport shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, towel, tote, etc.
  • Long sleeve shirts are more expensive than short sleeve shirts.
  • Pocketed t-shirts are more expensive than those without pockets.
  • Color of garment (colors are more expensive than whites).
  • Number of ink colors
  • Location of prints i.e.: one side, two sides, sleeves, pant legs, etc. 

Tips to reduce your cost of screen printing:

  • Reduce the number of colors
  • Print only one side
  • Print on white, ash, light colored or natural shirts so a white under base is not required
3 Color Screen Printing on t-shirt for Childrens Miracle Network T-shirtsDarden Steak Master 5 color Screen Printing T-shirtScreen Printing t-shirt for Gibbs and RegisterHaiti Relief Screen Print t-shirt with 5 colors






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Put Your Full Color Designs on Light or Dark T-Shirts, Team Jerseys and Tote Bags...Fast

Are You Ready To Order Button.jpgSoft Press Printing is a welcome addition to our group of solutions for producing Custom T-shirts. It's the Quickest and Highest Quality offered, designed for 4-24 of light, dark or Black t-shirts.  Unlike Direct to Garment, Soft Press Printing will always print white causing colors on all the shirts to be vibrant and true.  
Full Color Heat Press Print on a Black T-shirt for No Child Hungry It is simply using current technologies and advanced ink systems to print on special non fading, non peeling, soft hand material and then applying it on the T-shirt.  Using updated technology and products, the image is actually fused onto the shirt giving it a nice soft feel.  People who have seen it on a dark t-shirt say it feels so much softer than traditional screen print or direct to garment...Dark T-shirts are it's specialty!

Pricing is based on the number of locations we soft press, NOT the number of colors you want to use.  So putting your full-color image or logo is absolutely no problem.   And unlike screen printing, there aren't any screen or film setup fees for each color.  So design your full color soft heat press design using our online designer and let us make you look great for your next event.

And Soft Press T-shirts may be available NEXT DAY!!!

So what makes Soft Press Printing so desirable?  Take a look.

  • Images are Printed in Full Color at No extra cost
  • Soft feel
  • No ink globs like screen print can do
  • Quick(est) turnaround
  • Better feel than traditional screen print or DTG on dark shirts
  • Doesn't peel
  • Prints up to 300 dpi so gradients and details look great
  • Ink doesn't crack like traditional screen print can
  • Works on Cotton, Polyester and a Blend of both unlike DTG
  • Image doesn't fade after washing like DTG
  • Can Resize image for Youth shirts unlike screen printing
  • High Quality - Low Quantity
Long Lasting Heat Press Print on a Black T-shirt for No Child Hungry
Permanent Soft Heat Press on a PoloFull color high resolution Soft Heat Press on a Navy blue T-shirt






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Great for white and light colored Dri-fit shirts 

If you want a high resolution image on white or light colored shirts you might try our Sublimation printingSublimation Printing is limited to 100% Dri-Fit Polyester t-shirts.  The image is brilliant and soft on the shirt.  When you rub your hand over the image, you feel nothing... yet you see the image.  This allows the shirt to "breath" and not block the air from moving through the shirt.
Need less than 24 shirts?  Have a photographic image you want to put on some shirts?  Unashamed Full Color print on Dri-Fit T-ShirtsWant to personalize one or more of the shirts?  If so, then you can create from 4-20 or more of just the shirts you need using the full color sublimation process on Dri-fit t-shirts.
The printing of Full Color images on Dri-fit tees using Sublimation Printing has been around for a number of years.  The result is spectacular!  Sublimation printing simply applys special ink on your 100% polyester Dri-fit desirable garment.  You aren't limited to just shirts as you can also print full color images on aprons or tote bags for example.  Full color sublimation t-shirt printing works at a high temperature and with special inks.  All the colors are applied at the same time instead of one at a time as in screen printing. After the inks are applied, they are cured into the fiber (polyester) of the garment.  Ready to impress others with your full color design?  Create your T-shirts in full color online right now with our online designer for your next church, school or team event.


  • Cost effective for lower quantities, 4-20
  • Cost effective for Personalizing each garment 
  • Lower quantities allow for more creative designs
  • Very soft feel as the ink dyes the shirt
  • Prints at a higher resolution than screen printing
  • Can print on White (images are most vibrant) and light shirts
  • Design holds and stays vibrant for the life of the garment.
  • Design is directly applied to the Dri-fit shirt.


  • Does not print white ink.  Any white in the image takes on the shirt color in the image
  • Limited to 100% polyester and Dri-fit material
Full Color Cobra Print on Dri-fit T-shirts  Olympia High School Full Color Print on Dri-Fit T-shirtDojo Bridge Full Color print on dri-fit t-shirt






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T-Shirts are Soft... Your Printing Should Be Too

Another great option if you need 36+ shirts is Discharge Screen Printing.  It is the newest mode of screen printing and very popular.  Discharge screen printing leaves your shirt feeling very soft as no ink is put "on" the shirt as is done in traditional screen printing, rather the ink is actually printed "in" the fibers of the shirt.
Discharge is a specialty ink used in screen printing. The results are very soft, showing the shirt's natural fiber instead of laying a thick layer of ink on top of the shirt. Shirts can be printed as pure discharge or with pigments added so that the result is a colored discharge print.

Discharge Screen Printing on Black T-shirtBy itself, discharge ink removes the dye of the cotton fiber when it hits a certain temperature. It works with a variety of different brands and styles of t-shirts or other garments, with some styles and colors having stronger results than others.

Discharge printing can have various results in bleaching efficacy. In our experience, darker colors of Gildan and American Apparel shirts discharge well, while lighter colors do not.

Gildan colors that we have tried that discharge well include navy blue, black, olive, charcoal, chestnut, indigo, leaf, forest green, blue dusk and brown, as well as brown, slate and black in Anvil and Next Level. Other brands discharge but not as well, so that the resulting discharge color isn't as bright but rather a light to dark tan.  So get started right now.  Design your own t-shirts for your upcoming event.  Use our online designer and we will have you looking your best at your next 5k or other special event.


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