showroom.pngThe nice part about apparel is it's easy to create just the look you are looking for.  With so many varieties of materials and fabrics, along with the many ways we can decorate onto these fabrics, you can create that unique and special look for your business, school, team or event.  And with the range of affordable prices, it does not need to break your wallet.
If you are not sure about fabrics, give our sales team a call at 407-523-2899 to get a better understanding of how different fabrics stand up over time.  Also, view selections from our Apparel Catalogs above by your desired fabric from any of the catalog links above.  Still not sure?  OK, stop by our shop M-F where we have upwards of 300 of our most popular items where you can touch and feel what the fabrics actually feel like.  Many of the items also have a list or display of the color swatches for your review.
When considering your apparel choice, keep in mind the number of things that affect the pricing.  We have listed a few of them below to give you some direction in your decision.
  • Quantity of shirts/garment/items
  • Type of garment, i.e.: t-shirt, polo, name brand, sweatshirt, tank top, cap, etc.
  • Long sleeve shirts are more expensive than short sleeve shirts
  • Adult shirts are usually cheaper than youth shirts
  • In relation to t-shirts, white tees are the cheapest
  • Pocketed shirts are more expensive than those without pockets
  • 2XL and larger are more expensive than say S-XL
  • Shorter turnaround time is more expensive than normal turnaround time
  • Location of the print, such as on sleeve, pants leg, collar, pocket all add cost to the item